Secondary Technical and Vocational School


We are a school offering vocational education

Zeleny pruh 1294/50
Prague 4
Czech Republic

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Fax: +420 244 007 000
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The school was founded in 1954 with a focus on building and construction industry.


Today, it is becoming a modern and dynamic school that offers a wide range of fields of study in the construction industry, construction and machinery and electrical engineering services.

Something about us...


The school building is located in the very attractive part of the capital city of the Czech Republic and has :

  • nowadays more than 900 students
  • 110 qualified pedagogues
  • 23 fields of study
  • frequent participation at competitions
  • international cooperation at EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme with Denmark, Finland, Great Britain and the Netherlands.


Why study at our Secondary Technical and Vocational School?


  • prospective study specializations
  • full boarding and lodging directly in school campus
  • wide sports enjoyment
  • medical care in the school building
  • attractive driving school
  • hobbies and field trips


Fields of study with leaving certificate

  • 36-45-M/01 technical equipment of buildings
  • 33-42-M/01 furniture and wood manufacturing
  • 39-41-L/002 mechanician of plumber and electrotechnical equipment of buildings
  • 23-43-L/506 operating technique
  • 26-41-L/506 operating electrical engineering
  • 33-42-L/502 wood and furniture production
  • 36-44-L/502 construction operations


Fields of study with vocational certificate:

  • 23-68-H/01 mechanician-serviceman of automobiles
  • 26-51-H/02 electrician
  • 26-57-H/01 auto electrician
  • 36-52-H/01 plumber
  • 36-64-H/01 carpenter
  • 33-56-H/01 cabinetmaker
  • 69-53-H/003 restaurant services
  • 36-66-H/01 dry-wall installer
  • 23-51-H/01 locker
  • 39-41-H/01 house painter and lacquerer
  • 36-67-H/01 bricklayer


Fields of study E:

  • 23-51-E/005 locksmith work in construction
  • 33-56-E/004 carpentry and joinery works-joinery works in building
  • 36-57-E/005 painting, varnishing and painting works-painting works
  • 36-59-E/001 flooring works
  • 36-67-E/001 bricklaying works

Are you interested in our information please contact us

Tel.: +420 244 007 007,
Fax: +420 244 007 000
e-mail: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.








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